Thursday, April 26, 2007


Promotion & Marketing
The Borderline is a not-for profit art and craft space.Women's organisations and artists are able to learn how to promote and market their own works while also earning an income.85% of sales goes directly to the women's group or artist.15% of sales contributes to the cost of maintaining the space. All members are involved in advertising of the Borderline.

Every two months the Borderline supports an artist to highlight their work for a two week period. Exhibited openings have included performing artists and talks by the featuring artist.Exhibitions are attended by a diverse cross section of the border community.

Opportunities are provided for members of the collective to "learn while doing" as well as contribute to the running of the Borderline.
Interns are supported for 2-3 month periods to experience how a collective and craft shop and gallery are managed.Skills are developed in management, exhibition preparation and from interacting with visitors to the Borderline.

Workshops for Artisans
In an effort to guide artists toward ongoing self-development, the Borderline offers different workshops to the members of the collective.Workshops topics are identified by the committee to address immediate and future needs.
Topics include; design and product development, marketing strategies, exhibition development, portfolio writing and exploring the roles of artists in community.

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