Saturday, April 26, 2008

About BorderLine's Background

Karen Network for Culture and Environment (KNCE), Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO) and Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) recognised the need to have a shared marketing space for women’s organisations from Burma and ethnic minority Thai villages along the Thai-Burma Border, to support this need in June 2004, the Borderline Women’s Collective officially opened.In July, 2004, the Borderline Management Committee, comprised of representatives from each of the women’s organization members and the Shop manager, recognised that the upstairs space of the Borderline would be a nice venue for an art gallery and began to solicit artist friends to hang their work in the Gallery. In August the physical space of the Gallery was developed and an Artist Committee was created to insure that the new Gallery was organized to benefit all of the artist members. The Borderline Gallery held its first solo exhibition in October 2004.